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Cyanide poisoning prevents cells from using oxygen

The ability of oxygen to access the cytochrome oxidase enzyme (present on the mitochondria inside cells) is essential to normal, life-sustaining cellular respiration. Cyanide poisoning may disable the body’s ability to use oxygen, so it can be fatal despite the amount of oxygen available to the body.1

Without treatment, exposure to a high dose of cyanide may result in death within minutes1 and may also cause central nervous system side effects including altered mental status, parkinsonism, and personality changes.7

Studies show that the concentration of plasma lactate increases with the severity of cyanide poisoning and that hydroxocobalamin treatment results in rapid resolution of cyanide-induced lactic acidemia.6

Treat known or suspected cyanide poisoning with CYANOKIT

CYANOKIT (hydroxocobalamin for injection) is a cyanide antidote that contains hydroxocobalamin, a form of vitamin B12. Hydroxocobalamin binds to cyanide, creating nontoxic cyanocobalamin, allowing the body to use oxygen again.1

Watch the video to learn more about how cyanide and CYANOKIT work in the body.



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